Developing city apps @ Mobile Summer 4.0

The annual mobile development workshop we are organizing took place between the 24th of June and 5th of July. During this time we organized 6 meetings where high school & university students learned to create mobile apps.

This year we changed a bit the frame of the workshop. Instead of implementing their own app ideas, the participants developed apps for 3 local NGOs from Timișoara: Alergotura, Asociația Plai, FITT Timișoara.


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Day 1

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - group selfie

During the first meeting, our guests from the local NGOs came and talked about their initiatives and activities. The participants found out more details about the apps they were going to develop and about our workshop’s new frame, where we are focusing on collaboration instead of competition.

We prepared a template for the apps, on which they could rely and based on which they could build the apps. We presented the frame of Mobile Summer, how we organized the tasks in teams and roles. Every team was organized in 5 roles so we spoke about each role’s attributions and requirements.

Each person had to decide which team role would fit them better, after this, we had a toss up to organize the participants into 3 teams. The roles of each team were: tech, data, product, design and coordinator.

After the opening, we went through more details and specs about the apps and we explained what every team member has to focus on, depending on the role they chose. We finished with a presentation about React Native, the technology we chose this year for developing the apps. This allows us to publish beautiful native apps both on iOS and Android.

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - team organizing

Day 2

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - GIT presentation

Starting from the second meeting, we began installing all the necessary tools to get started with the implementations. We held two more presentations, to introduce the most important concepts from Firebase and Git to the participants.

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - work in progress - in

Day 3, 4 & 5

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - group selfie 2

On the 3rd meeting, we started developing the apps both on iOS and Android, using React Native. The 4th and 5th meeting we also focused on the applications’ functionalities and design so that we could finish them until Wednesday when the participants had to present them.

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - work in progress - out

During these meetings we also had some Skype calls with Simone Demelas, Simon Schweingruber and Wycliffe Sande. They shared their stories and interesting events which marked their careers. Thank you for your time!

Final app presentations

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - closing day

Wednesday, we gathered at Ambasada, where the participants presented the 3 apps they worked on during the workshop. They talked about how they shared the tasks during this time and how they worked in teams. Also, they described the features they implemented and apps’ functionalities.

All the teams have reached their target and completed their tasks. We will make some small improvements and implement a few features to prepare the apps for publishing.

The apps are:

TIMEvents 2020

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - icon TIMEvents 2020


Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - icon Alergotura


Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - icon inTimisoara

More details about the apps

Check out Alergotura, TIMEvents 2020 & inTimișoara

Team Alergotura

Căpraru Claudiu, Militaru Mihai-Adrian, Vîț Ana-Maria, Yüzgülen Begüm

Mobile Summer 4.0 - alergotura - aplicații mobile pro bono

Team FITT Timișoara

Biriescu Larisa, Brașoveanu Cosmin, Codău Valentin, Sulea Călin, Trif Iulian

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - app presentations - team fitt timisoara

Team Plai

Albu Alexandra, Bisioc Paul-Robert, Rus Mărioara, Turmac Tiberiu-Robert

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - app presentations - team plai

Diplomas and rewards for the Mobile Summer 4.0 participants

We would like to thank Alergotura, FITT Timișoara and Asociația Plai for their involvement and collaboration during this time.

Mobile Summer 4.0 - city apps - course participation diploma

And also, we would like to thank our partners, Tucano Coffee and Luxfood Sandwiches, for sharing their yummy products with us!

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