A Mobile Application for an NGO

In the past few years, we’ve been developing pro-bono apps for NGOs during our internship programs. After developing apps for local NGOs for a while, in 2019 we decided that it was time to extend our app development initiative’s reach and help NGOs from around the world.

The UK Sepsis Trust was one of the organisations that needed an app and applied to our initiative. During our 2019 internship program in august, together with our interns, we developed an iOS & Android app for them.


About the UK Sepsis Trust

The UK Sepsis Trust is a charity organisation focusing on raising awareness for sepsis and offering support for those who need it.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition caused by the body’s reaction to an infection. Instead of protecting the body, the immune system overreacts and damages its tissue & organs. 

The charity found that in the UK sepsis takes 52.000 lives each year. 14.000 of these lives could be saved with early diagnosis and treatment.

The UK Sepsis Trust fights to put an end to preventable deaths caused by sepsis and it is actively involved in the community all over the UK.

They raise awareness for sepsis and draw attention to this condition among health care professionals and the general public, as the symptoms are often missed.

To help early diagnosis, they needed a quick and easy-to-use tool where people could access information about sepsis. 


Creating the Sepsis App

We started with a thorough analysis together with the UK Sepsis Trust to decide the main purpose of the app.

As the organisation needed to develop a method of sharing important information with their public, we decided that the focus will be on synthesising life-saving information about sepsis and its symptoms. Also, we established that the app would be an instrument for those in need of support and for those who want to join forces with the organisation to raise funds.

Based on this information we proposed a pen&paper sketch to establish the UX (User Experience) design. Then, considering the brand guidelines of the NGO, we made a UI (User Interface) design proposal. Our main goal was the ease of use and fast access to information for the users.

Having the design discussed and agreed, we started working on the app, together with our interns. We prepared the data structures and main projects’ setup and planned tasks for our interns to start creating some screens.

We used Swift and Kotlin programming languages to develop the iOS and Android apps. Google Firebase is the preferred backend solution, so that all the information can be updated in real-time. Parts of the content are in HTML format so that the NGO can maintain and update them in a flexible and more familiar manner.

Finally, we took care of the app publishing on the App Store and Play Store, just in time for the World Sepsis Day on Sept 14. Check out the apps, below!


The UK Sepsis Trust

Pro bono app development
Pro bono app development Internship experience @ Cobalt Sign

Sepsis Awareness & Info

Awareness Campaigns, Important Events & Knowledge

Information about sepsis and the UK Sepsis Trust charity can be found on separate pages. These explain what sepsis is, the importance of awareness when it comes to sepsis and the exact steps the organisation is taking in order to save lives.

Awareness campaigns and important events are showcased on the home page along with a donate button for those who want to support the organisation’s work. 

Signs of Sepsis & Support

Symptoms, Support Resources & Nearby Support Groups

As spotting the signs of sepsis in time is crucial, the app contains information about what is sepsis and how to spot the signs in adults and children. FAQs can also be reviewed together with the recommended steps to take in case someone might be having sepsis.

In addition to the confidential helpline, support request and digital resources, the app users can find information about support groups in their area on a dedicated map.

Pro bono app development
Pro bono app development
Push Notifications

Quick and easy notifications and in-app messages.

Real-time Data

Information in the app can be updated in realtime.

Main Features

Pro bono app development
Pro bono app development
Life-saving Info

Important information about sepsis & its symptoms.


Donate and support to the charity through the app.


The UK Sepsis Trust App